R. Mark Maslyn
10268 Dusk Way
Littleton, CO 80125
 E-Mail: mmaslyn-at-msn-dot-com


NoSQL / Graph Database Developer and Big Data Sr Software Engineer


Twenty plus years of commercial applications development experience, including 19 years combined object-oriented programming (14 years Java / 4 years C++ / 1 year Android) and database design. Maintained a consistent record of completing applications on schedule .I’ve worked in all aspects of Java development and software architecture and specialized in data intensive projects including search engines, data transformation and social media applications




Operating Systems: Ubuntu Linux, Solaris, Windows
Java, Python, Scala, C++, PROLOG
DBMS: Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Amazon Web Services RDS Aurora, Neo4J and OrientDB Graph Databases
Other :
J2EE (Servlets, JSP, EJB), Graph Databases, Spark, Big Data, RESTful Web Services, Open Source software (Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat, Log4J, Eclipse, Maven), JMX, JBoss (Drools) Rules Engine, Search Engines, Text Mining.




All Areas Remotely




NoSQL/Graph Database Architect and Senior Software Developer – Verizon Labs Virtual Reality Group 4/16 to present

Responsible for designing and implementing a phased database migration program including Amazon AWS RDS instances and then to a multi-model Relational / NoSQL architecture that includes Graph Databases. 

  • Designed and implemented a database migration to centralize multiple local MySQL database instances to a single Amazon Aurora RDS instance.

  • Developed an Analytics and Reporting application in Java to gather database metrics, store them in a OrientDB graph database and produce a daily snapshot report from a Java application running in Tomcat.

  • Archtected a Content Managment System database schema for video content.

  • Designed and implemented a Social Media Graph Database to support connecting with friends and identifying common interests to attend activities through virtual reality.
  • Implemented a Java based RESTful interface to the Social Media Graph Database to be used by other applications

Technology Stack: Java,, MySQL, AWS,  RDS, Neo4J and OrientDB Graph Databases with Tinkerpop interface, Spring, RESTFul Web Services

Consultant - Sr. Software Engineer building applications with Graph Databases, Cassandra, Spark, Machine Learning, Java, Python 3/15 – 4/16

  • Developed a Machine Learning (Neural Network) application to predict disease phenotype occurrence based on Reference Sequence (SNP) information from VCF files

  • Built a text-mining application in Python as part of a Personal Genome Project team challenge    
  • Implemented an Android application that processes a decision tree using a Graph Database framework written by myself. Application is available on Google Play.

  • Designed and developed a decision tree application using Neo4J graph database to model the nodes and relationships for each decision. Deployed in Amazon Web Services using Neo4J server implementation. Application includes machine learning capability to expand the number of options
  • Presented talks on Neo4J Graph Database and how to build applications using it at the Denver Open Source User Group and the Graph Nerds of Boulder Groups. Examples included geographic data and bioinformatics 
  • Developed an Android app that takes customer input, attaches location coordinates, stores in a local SQLite database and on request sends the input results via email.

Technology Stack: Java, Python, Spark, Machine Learning, Android, Neo4J Graph Database, RESTful Web Services

Sr. Software Engineer – Pearson Corporation 5/14 – 2/15

Member of the Data Analytics and Adaptive Learning Team working with Cassandra clusters to generate reports through Spark for Neo4J graph database and machine learning applications.

  • Developed an application using Spark to process data from Cassandra clusters and generate reports

  • Completed a Hackathon project that classifies key words into categories using a Neo4J graph database and makes a content recommendation.

  • Recommended the architecture and built a POC for connecting Titan Graph Databases and Cassandra NoSql clusters.

  • Added functionality to a metrics application to capture streamed event data and output summary metrics values at specified intervals.

  • Stood up Cassandra database clusters in the Amazon Web Services Cloud and migrated data between environments.

Technology Stack: Java, Scala, Cassandra, Neo4J, Titan, Graph Databases, RESTFul Web Services

Sr. Software Engineer - Rovi Corporation 7/13 – 3/14

  • Developed REST based API's and Applications.

  • Implemented a proof-of-concept Android Push Notification App using Google Cloud Messaging and return-path data.

  • Member of an in-house think-tank team identifying telecommunications industry trends and originating possible patentable ideas. One idea is currently in the patent process.

Technology Stack: Java, RESTFul Web Services, Android

Senior Consultant - Sr. Software Engineer or Team Lead 5/02 – 6/13. Clients include Jeppesen, Comcast, Visa USA, Dex Media, Sawatch Software, CIBER, Integro, Echostar, State of Colorado, Running Foxes Petroleum. Xcellent Creations, Vista Life Sciences. Projects included:

  • Implemented Graph Database application for movies and actors listed in using Neo4J

  • Wrote Java Web Services Code using both Rest and SOAP frameworks to read and update data from remote databases and servers.

  • Designed and developed an Android app that retrieves weather data via an Android service and RESTful web calls,, displays the data visually and then formulates weather forecasts based on the data values with rules implemented in a Drools (JBoss Rules) rule engine hosted on a remote server.

  • Architected a hybrid Android / HTML5 application using HTML for presentation and Android for programmatic control. Dynamic database interactions to save and retrieve information driving the creation of HTML pages.

  • Part of an Android applications team that developed an electronic pamphlet highlighting and detailing engineering events for an Engineering Open House at a large mid-western University. App downloaded event information and displayed building locations on a map along with event descriptions and ratings.

  • Completed an Android smartphone and tablet application that retrieves a user's location from GPS or cell networks and using MapQuest API's maps a route from that location to a selected destination. The user can select from a list of possible destinations. After the map is displayed the user can retrieve turn by turn directions. The app is named "DOSUG Destinations" and is available from the Android Market.

  • Developing an Android application built upon the Google Maps API that retrieves data from onboard SQLite databases using dynamic queries and displays the data as symbols on a series of map overlays. Additional modules respond to screen events and download drill down data from the Amazon Cloud Database for detailed display by the app.

  • Technical Team Lead and Senior Java Software Engineer for the Centralized Application Access Platform (CAAP) project. Architected and designed this application which can use either a GWT or Java Swing interface to launch Java, web-based and local applications.  Also designed, documented and populated the database as well as the Spring / Hibernate database interface classes. Built the administration configuration application and GUI, database access application and the installation application.

  • Developed a BioMedical Text Mining application to extract protein interaction data from retrieved PubMed database abstracts using production rules implemented in JBoss Rules. Individual rules based on tokenized sentence patterns, protein names and action verbs.

  • Designed and built a geographic information system (GIS) application that retrieves, organizes, and stores geologic data from state oil and gas repositories and then allows users to selectively extract information and combine with land grid survey information in shapefile format for display by an integrated mapping program. Application included the option of filtering the results by process rules encoded in a Java rules engine. Constructed the Java front end, middleware and database access through JDBC. Designed database table schemas and rules.

  • Developed a multi-module set-top box messaging application using Java and open source libraries. Data and configuration values retrieved from a database using Hibernate, formatted into XML and sent using Hessian over the internet to a messaging module that transformed data into Java beans and then messaged the information to controllers using industry standard formats. Separate monitoring and application control through an independent JMX interface module. Code used Spring Framework aspect oriented programming and pointcuts to trigger updates.

  • Architected and developed a Java application framework and simulation to model multiple parallel interacting Software Agents that follow simple rules and user specified variable parameters to produce emergent behavior accurately representing several different types of observed results.

  • Built search data adapters integrated with an application framework for data transfer to or from search engines companies such as Yahoo, Overture, Switchboard,, and ICrossing. Participated in the successful first launch of several of these partnerships.

  • Developed a common code framework to support rapid prototyping and development of applications that extract data from the corporate data warehouse, filter, reformat it into XML, and transfer to internet search engines.

  • Architected and constructed a rules engine driven plans and promotions search application that display customized results using factors such as provider's partner, customer's geographic location, and credit score. Plan and promotion parameters retrieved using Hibernate.

  • Designed and built a data transformation application to enable to integration of a new member bank's proprietary data with the nationwide Visa banking system.

  • Designed and built a prototype Message Bean driven EJB application to automate process control and reporting within a Weblogic server environment.

  • Developed and deployed an application in a custom Weblogic server security realm to authenticate users and change passwords in an Oracle database.

  • Designed and developed a self-organizing application with swarm modeling of emergent processes for naturally occurring and artificial systems.

  • Contributed to the architecture of a multi-language Enterprise Healthcare Information System designed for use by healthcare providers and clients.

  • Designed and developed a web based application that retrieved historical sales price data and used a back-propagation Neural Network to project future price data. Both historical and projected time series data displayed with embedded bar and line graphs.

  • Performed a software analysis and audit of a J2EE financial application. with recommendations for software performance modifications to improve scalability.

Senior Software Engineer / Software Architect - Digiterra-Broadband 3/01 - 04/02 Architect and technical team lead. Utilized Extreme Programming (XP) techniques, OOAD through the prototype application phase followed by Design Patterns. Responsible for in-house technical recruiting, including interviews, evaluating candidates and recommending salaries or contracting rates. Projects included:

  • Designed and developed the next generation broadband services search engine incorporating a Web Services architecture using XML messages to communicate between broadband service providers, affiliates and our engine. Architecture enables product catalog management and searching, with interfaces to broadband providers qualification and back-end ordering systems. Orders sent to providers using PGP encryption. Persistent data objects serialized to Oracle database between user requests.

  • Architected a J2EE web-based front end and command processing framework using Servlets, JSP’s, and EJB’s that interface with a back-end billing system. EJB Session beans encapsulated workflow's, Entity beans encapsulated database records. XML messages used to interchange data and commands between the web framework and the billing system.

  • Designed, developed, and deployed a web-based prototype of a multi-language broadband product catalog display and order system using J2EE components. Dynamic user toggle between web page language texts.

  • Completed requirements specification and evaluation of Java-based rule engines for dynamic content management and information prioritization based on multiple criteria. Produced prototype code for content filtering.

Senior Consultant 1/97 - 3/01 - Created and developed commercial Java software for companies including BroadbandLiving (acquired by Digiterra, Inc.) , Tabor Interactive, High Speed Access, EchoStar Communications, TCI.Net, Storage Technology, Rockware, Sawatch Software, and Scientific Software. Projects included:

  • Designed and developed a web-based broadband DSL and cable modem service selection and ordering application using Java Servlets and Java Server Pages with data transactions to an Oracle database.

  • Developed proposal and design for a data administration tool using servlet GUI and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB’s) for transactions with an Oracle database. Built prototype Servlet GUI, EJB's and Deployment Descriptor file integrated with the proposal.

  • Developed and deployed integrated Java Servlets and Java server programs in a distributed multi-threaded UNIX (Solaris) environment to provide commercial broadband provisioning and dispatch scheduling using CORBA and XML connections between the web clients, Servlets and servers. Interfaced with the Business Analysis, Testing, and CM groups as part of the deployment process.

  • Designed, developed, and deployed rule-based recommendation engine with a graphical interface for user answers and display of recommendations. Multiple rule-bases supported by the engine for multiple recommendation categories.

  • Built a Java application in a Solaris environment to test a commercial tape storage backup device. Program utilizes command line interface to select and dynamically instantiate Java classes for test functions.

  • Evaluated software and architected designs for integration of e-mail and on-line chat with a Java based call center solution with web browser interface, JDBC database transactions and CORBA connections to legacy systems. Generated reports from an Oracle database using JDBC.

  • Developed a Java server application that automatically creates database reports from an Oracle database in HTML format and e-mails them to recipients.

Senior Software Engineer- Hathaway Systems Corp. 9/93 – 1/97. Projects included:

  • SCADA Configuration Program - Project and design lead. Built a multi-module Windows 95 application interfacing with database tables.

  • Digital Fault Recorder 3000 Windows Master Station - Project Lead responsible for commercial Windows object oriented software development. Conducted requirements analysis, designed, coded, and tested the key module of a data display and analysis product. Successfully completed initial and 3 additional version releases

Consultant - 2/90 - 9/93 Created and developed commercial software in Pascal, C, C++ and PROLOG for companies including Rockware, Inc., Advanced Investment Software, Geotrace Technologies, Inc. Projects included:

  • Developed commercial software for cash flow and portfolio analysis. Queried keyed database tables for information calculated and displayed as current and projected earnings.

  • Designed and developed two and three dimensional cross-section data display applications for a successful commercial geographic information system.

Database Administrator - R.P.I. International 2/87 – 7/88. Responsibilities included:

  • Managed database with 2.000,000 items of information. Assisted in design of database tables, logical and numeric data integrity and error checks implemented through programming and database utilities. Supervised a group of 12 techs in data entry and error checking.

Consultant - 9/84 - 2/87 Created and developed commercial software for companies including Geotrace Technologies, Inc. and RockWare, Inc. Projects included:

  • Developed two commercial rule-based recommendation systems to be integrated with a mainframe mapping and data analysis application.

Exploration Geologist 10/76 - 9/84 Geologist and Project Manager




College Degrees;

  • Master of Science - Computer Science 1990 University of Denver - Denver, CO. Master’s Project : A Natural Language Database Search Engine Interface in PROLOG

  • Master of Science - Geology 1977 Colorado School of Mines - Golden, CO

  • Bachelor of Science - Geological Engineering 1974 Colorado School of Mines

Other Training:

  • Rational Unified Process Short Course - Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • Sun Microsystems Web Services Seminar (XML, SOAP, WDSL, UDDI)




Presented technical talks on:

  • Neo4J Open Source Graph Database” at the Denver Open Source User Group (DOSUG) 4/7/15
  • Text Mining Using JBoss Rules at Denver Open Source User Group 2/2/2010. Talk is available online at:

  • Introduction to Application Development with Android on 10/5/2010 to the Denver Open Source User Group

  • Integrating an App with Amazon Web Services NoSQL Cloud Datatbase on 11/18/2011 to the Denver Android Developers Group.

  • Android Weather Forecasting App Using RESTful Web Calls, JSON and a Rule Based System presented 9/19/12 to the Denver Android Developers Group.






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