Barchanoid Ridge Sand Dunes

Two examples of barchonoid dunes ridges. The upper image is from White Sands National Monument, the lower show impressive barchanoid dune ridges in Proctor Crater on Mars.

Top Image courtesy of White Sands N.P. Bottom image courtesy of NASA.

Wind Regime: As the wind direction rose diagram indicates, these dunes occur in high energy wind environments with a small amount of directional variability. Sand rose illustrates the annual wind regime for barchanoild dunes new Pelican Point, South West Africa.

Wind Rose from Fryberger and Dean(1979)

Try it in the Simulator

For Barchanoid Dunes Ridges Try These Simulator Settings:

  • Sand Cover: 30%
  • Wind Velocity: 1
  • Prevailing Wind Direction: 225o.
  • Wind Direction Variability: 30%




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