Longitudinal Sand Dunes

A striking picture of longitudinal dunes stretching across miles of Egyptian desert in this false color rendition of a side looking radar image.

The dunes elongate with the prevailing wind direction. 

Image courtesy of NASA .

Wind Regime: As the wind direction rose diagram indicates, these dunes occur in wind environments with a small amount of directional variability and one predominant wind direction. Sand rose is for the annual wind regime of linear dunes in Mauritania.

Wind Rose from Fryberger and Dean (1979)

Try it in the Simulator

For Longitudinal Dunes Try These Simulator Settings:

  • Sand Cover: A low value such as 10%
  • Wind Velocity: 10
  • Prevailing Wind Direction: Any value, we suggest using 225o.
  • Wind Direction Variability: 10%



Barchanoid Ridge

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