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Broadband Services Search Engine

For this project I completed the initial architectural design and helped build the release version for DigiterraBroadband. From design to deployment was three months. After deployment I continued to add new features and upgrade the code base. This application uses Servlets, JSP's, and XML format web service information transfer. Product information is referenced from an Oracle database. See below for an example search result.


Vist this Website: Broadband Services Search Engine
What is My Home Worth?

The first question many people ask when selling their house is "What is my home worth in todays market." To answer that question for a local realtor specializing in an area of Douglas County, Colorado, I designed and built a website that allows the user to view graphic displays of home sale information and trends. Application uses Servlets and JSP's with JDBC connections to a MySQL database for home price and realtor information. I'm currently re-factoring the application to use the Java Struts framework.

Self-Organizing Systems Example : Building Sand Dunes One Grain At A Time

Self-Organizing Systems is an exciting new field where surprisingly sophisticated behavior emerges from the interactions of many independent agents. I've build a Java framework to model self-organizing systems and have provided an example of sand dune formation resulting from the interaction of individual sand grains. Use the slider controls to change the dune forms that emerge.

Visit this Website: Self Organizing Systems Example

Biotechnology : Building Proteins From Genes

Every living thing is composed of proteins built from amino acids. There are 20 naturally occurring amino acids that are coded by 3 letter 'codons'. Use this applet to learn more about how genes build proteins and see what proteins result from each 3 letter codon.

Visit this Website: Biotechnology: Building Proteins From Genes

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